Blogging: Do You Have What it Takes?

As you may already know, our lovely organisation, The Essex PA Network is still relatively new.

Founded in 2016 by Karen Glenn and Julia Roberston-Avenell our mission is to bring together support staff across Essex, help people make connections and help to nurture their careers.

We have created our website and will also be hosting another event soon. But in the meantime we would love to continue the work of promoting and championing administrators, PAs, Executive Assistants and Virtual Assistants. In fact anybody in an administrative support role!

So with this in mind, there are one or two things that you can do for us, if you are in the industry and have got a few minutes to spare.

Firstly: what do you want to learn about? As an administrator, PA, Executive Assistant or Virtual Assistant, what are your biggest challenges? What kind of guidance and advice do you need? What subjects interest you most?

Answering these questions will help us to ensure that our blog stays useful and relevant.

Which brings me onto my second question: do you like writing? Have you ever written a blog post? Would you like to try?

We are looking for writers both experienced and new, to contribute to the EPAN blog.

You will need to tell us your name, contact details and give an outline of your idea for a blog post. Of course, it will need to be on a subject relevant to our industry but other than that - let your imaginative juices flow! Those who send in the best proposals will be requested to write a full blog post which will be placed on our website and promoted across social media.

If you think you have what it takes then please email your proposal to us at:

Essex PA Network works to promote the profiles of PAs, VAs and administrative support staff, and to help people make connections and to nurture their careers. 

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