Welcome to The Essex PA Network

Welcome to the Essex PA Network and our new website!

If you haven’t come across us before, we are dedicated to bringing administrative support staff in Essex together to connect with each other, regardless of what level they are at in their careers, with the aim for each person to develop and grow and share their knowledge and experiences.

You may know us by our old name which was NESS, originally set up in 2015 by two of the current team, award-winning PAs Julia Avenell and Karen Glenn.

Essex had been lacking a network for admin staff and Victoria Darragh, the founder of the Executive and Personal Assistants Association, suggested to Julia and Karen that they get together and create a new network. They are both passionate about the role and had similar goals for the network, so after some excited messages back and forth to each other NESS was born!

Earlier this year award-winning Virtual Assistant Tanya Kuhrt joined us, so there are now three of us on the board.

Despite our new name being the Essex PA Network we are not just for PAs but for any support staff, from secretaries and administrators to PAs, Executive Assistants and even Virtual Assistants!

So if you are one of these and based in or near Essex, do make sure to check out our upcoming events and come along to meet us.

Networking encourages you to engage with your peers, often includes training, improves confidence and helps you to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

So far we’ve had some amazing and inspirational people to speak at our events including Victoria Darragh herself who attended our launch, and Vanessa Vallely from Wearethecity.

Click here to find out about our forthcoming events for PAs, Office Workers and Virtual Assistants.

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